Established in 2010, Xander Finance is a Systemically Important Non-Banking Financial Company licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and is one of the most active structured credit providers in India. Xander Finance is the credit platform of The Xander Group, which manages assets under management in excess of US$ 2 billion.

Disbursements till date

~INR 3,400 Cr

Offices across India

Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune

Number of Transactions since inception


Xander Finance is one of the leading providers of structured debt to large as well as mid-market Indian corporates in manufacturing, real-estate and services.

Proprietary origination, solution-based, well-structured debt, and pro-active monitoring are the hallmarks of our lending process.

We offer sector-agnostic lending with emphasis on cash flow generating entities across real estate, manufacturing, education, consumer, healthcare, logistics and services sectors. With presence across five cities, we have a ‘Customer First’ approach and strive to provide customized credit solutions with a focus on speed and flexibility.

We have deployed over INR 3,250 Cr since our inception and are currently very active as a provider of structured debt across India.

Xander Finance is headquartered in Mumbai and has offices in NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune.

Board of Directors

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